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Here’s a set of action cards I use in my small rural ED – rather than have experienced nurses disappear from the resus room in order to get details of how to make up an isoprenaline infusion, I can hand off these small action cards (kept in a pamphlet holder at the head of resus bay ED) to even the least experienced – the details allow them to do what is needed for these important but infrequently performed tasks.

Airway action cards
Circulation action cards
Infusion action cards
Other Procedures action cards

Perhaps the best talk on ‘making things happen’ from Cliff Reid in Sydney


This useful paper highlights the Characteristics of Effective Teams – is YOUR ED team doing all it can?



Here is a list of useful EM links for Rural Doctors; check out also the EM-Crit Care blog roll from



Academic Life in EM

Best Evidence Topics

BoringEM – tackles the EM topics that others fear. Like constipation.

Broome Docs – rural doc Casey Parker on a mission to bring “quality care, everywhere”

Crashing Patient – a webtext of ED / Critical Care

ED Trauma & Critical Care

EMCrit – Scott Weingart “Bringing Upstairs Care, Downstairs”

Emergency Medicine Ireland – doesn’t need a translator and rumoured to supply free Guiness

Emergency Medicine & Paediatric EM – good paeds EM resource

Emergency Medicine Tutorials – for Australasian trainees, useful for rural docs

Guidelines Database – not surprisingly, a list of guidelines

Integrated Cardiovascular Clinical Network (SA) – South Australia’s excellent cardiac support service

Intensive Care Network – useful for those with a critical care bent

Intranasal Drug Delivery – does what it says on the can – the ‘go to’ site for most Australasian EM FOAMed

MDCalc – excellent resource for online calculations – PERC, Wells’ etc

Number Needed to Treat – useful database on interventions and their NNT. Recommended.

Practical Evidence Podcast

Resus.Medical Education – from master resuscitationist, HEMS doc & nice guy Dr Cliff Reid, NSW

Sceptics Guide to Emergency Medicine – question everything, trust no one

Emergency Trauma Management Course – FOAMed goodness, teaches the stuff they don’t teach elsewhere


Australian Trauma Society – it’s a club about trauma down under

OrthoInfo – takes us beyond the simplistic “there is a bone, I must fix it”

The Bone Shop survival guide


NETS Australia

Royal Children’s Hospital – Clinical Practice Guidelines

Paediatric EM

Royal Manchester Hospital PICU calculator

The Royal Women’s Hospital (Australia)

ANAESTHETICS IN ED – cool anaesthetic tricks that aren’t in the books

Nerve Blocks from Neuraxiom


A Day in the Life of a BASICS Doc – BASICS docs adding expertise to ambulance and retrieval scenarios

Auckland HEMS – useful site, especially their sim scenarios

MedSTAR SA – pretty red suits and an excellent retrieval service for rural South Australia

PHARM (prehospital & retrieval medicine) – from former rural doctor Dr Minh le Cong of RFDS QLD

RESUS.ME – from Cliff Reid in Sydney. Just don’t give propofol in his ED for a critical patient RSI

RFDS Resources for Health Professionals – excellent resource for rural doctors

SCAN CRIT – tall, blonde and not afraid to let it hang out in the sauna, these Norse Gods bring EBM to FOAMed

SYDNEY HEMS – excellent resources with many of their SOPs and Manuals applicable to rural doctors

More submissions welcomed…

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  1. […] action cards for a couple of years (some are available via the RESOURCES section of this site or RURALDOCTORS.NET. Most of these were designed for handing off to nursing staff in the rural ED, partly to mitigate […]

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I am a Rural Doctor on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with interests in EM, Anaes & Trauma. I am an Ass/Prof in Aeromedical Retrieval with Charles Darwin University and hold senior specialist (retrieval) positions in NT and QLD Avid user & creator of #FOAMed; EMST & ATLS Director, Instruct & Direct on; faculty for Critically Ill Airway course and smaccAIRWAY workshops. Opinions expressed on these sites must not be used to make decisions about individual health related matters or clinical care as medical details vary from one case to another. Reader is responsible for checking information inc drug doses etc.

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