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To date FOAMed for primary care is scant on the ground

I am grateful for Dr Jonathan Ramachenderan in WA for supplying this link to THINKGP.com.au – users can register for free and has useful online resources PLUS it delivers CPD points.


Dr Tim Senior also comments on topics of relevance to the bush – you can see more at his website

Otherwise FOAM4GP.com is the main repository to which I would encourage users. Current FOAMed topics under discussion include :

Bites & Stings – new CSL Guidelines review

Borderline Personality Disorder – practice guidelines

Cardiac – assessment of the low risk cardiac patient in GP

Dental pain in primary care

Educational resources / FOAMed blogs for primary care

FRACGP exam – all you need to know to pass (I still reckon that this boils down to ‘turn up sober and don’t bill the examiners during the OSCE or “simulated patient encounter” – or at least don’t charge a gap!)

Gout in Six Minutes for the GP

Headaches – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Kawasaki Disease in 10 mins for Rural Docs

Osteoarthritis update

Otitis Media in ATSI – 2010 guidelines

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (from @nomadicGP)

PSA screening – where are we now? (from BroomeDocs.com)

PSA testing – perils of overdiagnosis

The RED EYE in GP (from Dr Mel Clothier, GreenGP.com)

Shoulder dislocation – varied ways, Cunningham technique is flavour of the month currently with me

Social Media guidelines from the UK’s RCGP – basically don’t say anything you wouldn’t in public, ensure confidentiality and identify yourself

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I am a Rural Doctor on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with interests in EM, Anaes & Trauma. Currently working with MedSTAR Retrieval, SA. Avid user & creator of #FOAMed; EMST & ATLS Director, Instruct on ETMcourse.com. My sites include KIdocs.org & RuralDoctors.Net, affiliated with smaccUs in Chicago 2015 Opinions expressed on these sites must not be used to make decisions about individual health related matters or clinical care as medical details vary from one case to another. Reader is responsible for checking information inc drug doses etc.

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