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RDN PODCAST #6 – Robert Simpson of AMBO FOAM

Excellent to chat to Rob Simpson, MICA paramedic in Victoria and enthusiastic FOAMed supporter. We chat about use of SoMe and FOAmed to drive change in clinical practice, as well as some great tips for rural clinicians to help the interface between prehospital and hospital care – hopefully Rob and I will get out some resources on ISBAR handover structure and clinical handover (part of resus room management – Andy Buck would be proud!)  in the next few weeks…

Rob runs the excellent AMBO FOAM  website

Meanwhile, here is the podcast to download and listen



  1. […] PODCAST – Robert Simpson of AMBO FOAM. […]

  2. John Wood says:

    Great Podcast Rob and Tim. Rob – you are a great advocate for excellent paramedic practice and I think your blog is one of the best clinical blogs in FOAMEd world. Thanks a lot.

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I am a Rural Doctor on Kangaroo Island, South Australia with interests in EM, Anaes & Trauma. Currently working with MedSTAR Retrieval, SA. Avid user & creator of #FOAMed; EMST & ATLS Director, Instruct on ETMcourse.com. My sites include KIdocs.org & RuralDoctors.Net, affiliated with smaccUs in Chicago 2015 Opinions expressed on these sites must not be used to make decisions about individual health related matters or clinical care as medical details vary from one case to another. Reader is responsible for checking information inc drug doses etc.

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